Because of the diverse nature of the many different restaurants and chefs Brian Henry has worked under he is highly proficient at a wide range of cuisines.

Brian’s cooking is seasonal, inventive and smart, but in no way unapproachable or fussy. When he is coaxed out of the kitchen and starts talking about food, his passion and knowledge are instantly recognizable.

"Chef Brian Henry cooked a series of delicious appetizers for us as we sat around a table in the kitchen". Thanks

Tony Aspler, Wine writer

“Chef Brian Henry puts one hundred percent of his energy into going all the way.”

Birgit Moenke, Editor Stir Media Read More Reviews

Humble Pie

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This warm blend of aromatics is perfect for Umbles baked in a pie. For more contemporary recipes we suggest using it in pies baked with apples, pumpkin or sweet potato. As peculiar as this narrative may seem Humble Pie is best used in all yellow and orange vegetable preparations

Chef Brian for Hire
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